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As part of an important initiative to ensure compliance and good governance as well as to reduce costs for employees and the company, ConSova is reviewing and verifying eligibility for covered dependents in the Methodist Hospital System medical programs.

While it’s important that all employees have the opportunity to enroll eligible dependents in company-sponsored plans, and we understand that errors can occur, covering ineligible dependents is a violation of the plan and drives up the cost of benefits for us all.  As a part of this initiative, if you have one or more dependents enrolled in a the Methodist Hospital System plan you will be requested to verify their eligibility. 

If you have any questions regarding the verification or need further assistance on where to obtain the requested documentation, please contact ConSova directly at (866) 964-1979 between the hours of 9AM-5PM Central time Monday-Friday.

Please feel free to visit our secured Internet Verification Assistance Center iVAC site to view the documentation requested to verify eligibility for your dependent(s), the current status of documents submitted, update your mailing address or upload document images.



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